Q: How do the logistics work?
A: Flights – the winner will be paid $5,000 in cash and will be responsible for booking their own airline tickets. There are currently 4 Airlines that service the Cook Islands, Air New Zealand, Jetstar, Hawaiian Airlines and Air Tahiti.

Accommodation, Car rental, tours, activities, food and beverage and retail prizes are all issued in the form of vouchers from the sponsor. The winner will be responsible for booking these directly with the relevant operators.

Q: What if I have more than 4 people in my family?
A: You are welcome to bring more than 4 guests but you will need to cover the cost for the additional people yourself.

Q: Can I travel any time that suits me?
A: The winner of this fabulous prize is responsible for booking all flights, accommodation, tours and activities directly with the operators, this means you can travel at a time that best suits you and your family.

Q: Can I extend my holiday past the 7 days?
A: You are welcome to negotiate an extension to your accommodation and car rental beyond the 7 days prize period at your own expense.

Q: When will the prize expire?
A: The prize vouchers all have an expiry date of 31 March 2026.

Q: Do I need to get Travel Insurance?
A: The winner is responsible to ensure the traveling party has travel insurance, we strongly recommend that you take travel insurance.

Q: Can I drive in Rarotonga using a Drivers Licence issued by another country?
A: Your drivers’ license issued by your country of residence will be valid in the Cook Islands

Q: Can I upgrade my Flights or Accommodation?
A: You are welcome to upgrade any part of your prize at your own expense.

Q: I live in Rarotonga, what if I win the prize?
A: The winner receives $5000 in cash, regardless of their country of residence. The prize vouchers are redeemable to the winner, regardless of their country of residence.

Q: What happens to any vouchers that don’t get used. Are they redeemable for cash? Or, can I gift them to someone else?
A: The prize vouchers are not transferable or redeemable for cash.